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At Perun Mountain, we are proud to be the first English-speaking authors and publishers dedicated to bringing Slavic texts and translations to the English-speaking world. We are constantly working on new books, so be sure to check back often. Let's set off on a journey through the depths of Slavic culture and spirituality with our captivating collection:

  • Discovering Rodnovery: A Beginner's Guide to Slavic Native Faith
  • The Tale of Igor’s Campaign
  • Perun: The Exploration of a Slavic God
  • Slavic Spirits and Demons: Tales of Myth, Legend, and Faith
  • Slavic Pagan Roots: Decoding The Primary Chronicle

Join us in exploring these fascinating reads and immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Slavic heritage.

Slavic Spirits and Demons: Tales of Myth, Legend and Faith

Slavic Spirits and Demons: Tales of Myth, Legend and Faith by perun mountain

Slavic Spirits and Demons: Tales of Myth, Legend, and Faith” Explore the fascinating world of Slavic folklore, mythology, and Native Faith. This book explores the Slavic spiritual landscape, unveiling its profound connections with nature, tradition, and the supernatural. Through vivid storytelling and Illustrations, it captures the essence of Slavic myths and the timeless influence of their spiritual beings, offering a unique view into the heart of Slavic cultural heritage. This comprehensive exploration delves into the roles, characteristics, and cultural significance of various spirits and demons within the Slavic tradition. From benevolent guardians of nature to malevolent entities, the book covers multiple mythical beings, examining their evolution through history, their impact on Slavic culture, and their portrayal in the modern world.

This book not only explores a variety of Slavic spirits and demons but also delves into their evolution from Slavic Native Faith through to Early Christianity. It reflects on the profound connection of the Slavic peoples with nature, their moral and spiritual beliefs, and their relationship, making it a vital resource for anyone interested in folklore, mythology, and Slavic cultural studies.

Slavic Spirits and Demons:” encompasses a wide array of spirits and demons from Eastern, Western, and Southern Slavic folklore and Slavic Native Faith. It explores various entities like Ala, Bolotnik, Chuhaister, Dziwożona, Leshy, Płanetnik, Polevik, Rusalka, Vila, Vodyanoy, Bannik, Domovoy, Dvorovoy, Kikimora, Ovinnik, Nocnitsa, Poludnitsa, Zorya, Baba Yaga, Chort, Drekavac, Mavka, and Upiór. Each spirit or demon represents a unique aspect of the Slavic worldview, intertwining with natural elements and embodying various characteristics.

Whether you’re deeply immersed in folklore, an admirer of mythological stories, a practitioner of Rodnovery, or just intrigued by Slavic culture, this book beckons you on an enchanting exploration of ancient myths and legends.

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Slavic Pagan Roots: Decoding The Primary Chronicle

Slavic Pagan Roots: Decoding The Primary Chronicle provides an insightful exploration into the spiritual heritage of the ancient Slavic peoples. This book is the result of thorough research and delves into “The Primary Chronicle,” a key text documenting the history of Kievan Rus’ from approximately 850 to 1110. Compiled in the early twelfth century near Kiev, it is the earliest written record of the Slavic world. The author examines this chronicle with a focused lens on sections that highlight Slavic Pagan traditions or the Slavic Native Faith. The narrative vividly brings to life pre-Christian spirituality, detailing the worship of deities, sacred rituals, and the landscapes central to Slavic cosmology. The book sheds light on cultural and religious practices that thrived before Christianity’s spread across Eastern Europe, offering readers an empathetic view of a misunderstood and often overlooked tradition.

Slavic Pagan Roots” transcends academic analysis, positioning itself as a voyage back to a profound wisdom that, despite the passage of centuries, still reverberates today. It is a pivotal resource for anyone interested in history, spirituality, or the revival of ancient traditions through contemporary movements like Rodnovery. This book not only decodes ancient texts but also invites a modern audience to reconnect with and rediscover the resonant ancestral roots of the Slavic people.

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Perun: The Exploration Of a Slavic God

Perun: The Exploration Of a Slavic God” unravels the mysteries of Slavic mythology, bringing to the forefront Perun, the thunderous deity celebrated for his might, justice, and cosmic reign. Tracing the roots, rites, relics, and sacred grounds of a timeless Legacy. This book navigates the intricate facets of Perun’s legends, rituals, and enduring significance.

Perun, the supreme deity, rules the heavens with thunder and lightning. Known in ancient tales as the powerful god of war, fire, mountains, and the majestic eagle, Perun stands as the unifying force in the diverse pantheon worshipped by the Slavs from east to west and north to south, every Slavic tribe revered Perun for his indomitable spirit and valor, Perun’s legend is intricately woven into the cultural and spiritual tapestry of the Slavic people, manifesting through vivid narratives, potent symbols, and enduring rituals that pay homage to his multifaceted persona.

This exploration delves deep into how Perun, often likened to the Norse god Thor and the Hindu god Indra, transcends being merely a figure of worship. These gods reflect humanity’s deepest desires, fears, and the perpetual quest to comprehend our role in the cosmos. In times of conflict, Perun is the patron of warriors, wielding his fiery axe that soars through the sky as lightning, embodying his name derived from the verb ‘perti’, meaning to beat. In peace, he transforms into a god of fertility, his storms bringing nourishment to the crops.

The narrative seamlessly combines historical accounts, folklore, and cultural insights, skilfully narrated with the passion of a dedicated researcher and the authenticity of a practicing rodnover. ‘Perun: The Exploration Of a Slavic God’ is not just a chronicle of the past but a dynamic tribute to humanity’s eternal quest for understanding and belonging within the universe’s enigmatic folds. Perun, the guardian of truth, guarantor of agreements, and a stern yet fair judge, ensures harmony and metes out justice, showcasing a deity who is as complex as he is revered.

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Discovering Rodnovery - A Beginners Guide to Slavic Native Faith

Embark on a mystical voyage with ‘Discovering Rodnovery: A Beginner’s Guide to Slavic Native Faith,’ a captivating tome that unveils the enigmatic world of ancient Slavic spirituality. Prepare to immerse yourself in a tapestry of ancient wisdom, as this exquisite guidebook unravels the secrets of Rodnovery, beckoning you to uncover its rich tapestry of beliefs, rituals, and awe-inspiring deities.

This is an enlightening book that serves as an introduction to the ancient Slavic religion known as Rodnovery. This guidebook delves into the origins and essence of Rodnovery, offering readers a profound understanding of its beliefs, practices, and worldview.

The book begins by exploring the origins of Rodnovery, tracing its roots back to ancient Slavic civilizations. It examines the fundamental principles of Rodnovery and its harmonious connection with nature, highlighting the reverence for the natural world that lies at the heart of this faith.

Readers are introduced to the diverse pantheon of deities and spirits in Rodnovery. From the supreme deities to ancestral, nature, and household spirits, the book sheds light on the multifaceted spiritual beings worshipped in Slavic Native Faith. It unravels the characteristics, stories, and significance of gods such as Perun, Dazhbog, Veles, Svarog, Stribog, Khors, Mokosh, Simargl, and Rod.

Furthermore, the book explores the role of nature spirits and ancestral beings in Rodnovery, illuminating the belief in their presence and interaction with the human world. Rituals and festivals play a crucial part in the Rodnovery tradition, and this guidebook explains the concept of ritual, its significance in both community and individual contexts, and the profound connection to ancestors. It also provides insights into key rituals such as those related to birth, marriage, and death, along with sample rituals and seasonal celebrations.

The significance of symbols and sacred objects is thoroughly explored, unveiling their meanings in Rodnovery. The book examines the power of amulets and talismans, the purpose and usage of altars, and various rituals and practices associated with them.

Ethics and worldview in Rodnovery are discussed, emphasising the interconnectedness of all life and the deep respect for the natural order that characterises this faith. The book also addresses the challenges faced by Rodnovery in the modern world and its revival as a living spiritual tradition.

With a thoughtful exploration of community and its role in the future of Rodnovery, the book concludes by inspiring readers to embrace the wisdom and beauty of this ancient Slavic Native Faith. “Discovering Rodnovery” is an invaluable resource for anyone seeking to embark on a journey of spiritual discovery or gain a deeper understanding of Slavic Native Faith.

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The Tale of Igor’s Campaign: New English Translation with Early Slavic Faith Commentary

The Tale of Igor’s Campaign: New English Translation with Early Slavic Faith Commentary.

Journey back to the 12th century with “The Tale of Igor’s Campaign.” In this captivating and timeless epic poem “The Tale of Igor’s Campaign,” also known as “The Lay of Igor’s Campaign” and “The Song of Igor’s Campaign,” emerges from the shadows of history as a vibrant narrative that transports readers to a time of bold aspirations and insurmountable challenges.

As you delve into the pages of this saga, you’ll be swept away by the courageous Prince Igor Svyatoslavich of Rus’ as he embarks on an audacious expedition, defying all odds and confronting a formidable coalition. Chronicled by an enigmatic bard, the story unfolds through vivid metaphors, perceptive insights, and captivating imagery, meticulously woven into a concise yet impactful narrative.

“The Tale of Igor’s Campaign” isn’t just a literary masterpiece; it’s an invaluable historical, religious, and cultural artifact that provides profound insight into the political and social landscape of Kievan Rus’, a medieval East Slavic state. Through its eloquent verses, this epic work sheds light on the conflicts and interactions with neighboring Turkic and Mongolic peoples, such as the Polovtsians. Set against a backdrop of political upheaval, princely rivalries, and shifting alliances, the poem paints a vivid picture of an era that shaped the course of history.

Immerse yourself in this mesmerizing blend of history and storytelling, as “The Tale of Igor’s Campaign” captures the essence of a bygone era, inviting you to experience the courage, the drama, and the spirit of Prince Igor’s journey like never before.

This work holds the distinction of being the oldest written poem in the Slavic realm, though its survival wasn’t without tribulations. Lost in flames during the Napoleonic occupation, the manuscript’s origins ignited enduring debates.

This new English translation by “Perun Mountain” from the 1800’s Old Russian text is not merely resurrected but also enriched with illuminating commentary. This commentary delves into the symbiotic relationship between the narrative and both the pre-Christian Slavic beliefs and the subsequent influence of Christianity.

“The Tale of Igor’s Campaign” is intricate, revealing threads that connect the saga to the spiritual landscape of the early Slavic lands. Preserving the original rhyme and meter of the verses, this edition intertwines the narrative with profound insights that illuminate the intersections between the two belief systems. Amidst the lines of the saga, a harmonious coexistence emerges, showcasing the complex interplay between the Christian doctrines and the enduring remnants of the Slavic Native Faith.

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